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Are you looking to improve your webinar conversions?

If so, you are in the right place.

My Name is Geoff Ronning. I'm the Co-Founder and CEO of

The L.N.L. Strategies allow you to get higher retention on your webinars which means:

More sales

More leads

More conversions


I don’t blame you — that is why you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to prove it — to yourself. However, before I talk about that let me tell you….

...The Painful Way I Discovered these Strategies!

Prior to 2008, I had always worked webinars live. I loved presenting. I still do. Then I started trying automated webinars.

When I started with automated webinars… I was a failure… When doing live webinars, I would convert like crazy. But automated I bombed.

I kept tweaking and testing… nothing was working. I was so frustrated I couldn’t make the automated webinars work.

I would start to deliver the webinar live again and the sales would increase… I would re-record the automated webinar and the conversions would drop again. I was beyond frustrated.

My wife said I could not give up. The whole reason for the automated webinars was to spend more time with the family and she had 100% faith that I could figure it out.

She said to pretend that I was Riddick (our son who was learning to walk at the time). She said start over from the beginning. Then take simple baby steps each day to improve.

I went back to square zero and analyzed why live webinars worked for me but the automated was not. I spent all my time on creating a new presentation style, based on my live presentation style.

Slowly the conversion rates increased. With each evolution of the automated webinar I started dialing in more and more success.

After several months of tweaking, my automated webinars overtook the conversion rate of my live webinars.

And not only that, but now I was running the automated webinars 16 times a day… in the past it was five times a week… So literally, in 2 days I would generate as many conversions as I would in a month with a live webinar… and I was spending less time doing it because it was all automated.

All of a sudden, I saw the future and it was automated webinars! I’m happy to say it’s turned out even more amazing than I could have predicted! And with that came the understanding of the real issue going on when people failed with automated webinars...

Many Webinar's Real Problem is…

... webinar presenters are trying to convert attendees who are not engaged. Attendees who are disconnected from the presentation. By the time those Presenters ask their attendees to take action (to sign up for a strategy session or make a purchase) it’s too late. The attendees have already mentally checked out. And once someone mentally checks-out it’s game over.

It’s not the presenters’ fault…

99.9% of automated webinars and automated webinar training focus on selling, not engaging and interacting with attendees. But until your attendees are engaged they will not focus on your webinar.

Engagement is the most important step of the conversion process.

Here's What L.N.L. Strategies™ Does for You

With this course, L.N.L. (Live Not Live) Strategies™ you appear live to your webinar attendees even on automated webinars. You engage the webinar attendees, your retention rises, you build trust, rapport and establish your expertise so that when you make an offer attendees take action!

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Do I Need to Tell my Attendees I’m Live if I’m Not?

No you don't. You need not tell people you are live. Some people choose to tell them they are not live. Some presenters choose to say they are live since they are live when the webinar was recorded. I personally don’t tell my attendees I’m live, but I don't say I'm not live either. I let the audience comes to their own conclusions. Whatever you are comfortable is the right thing to do.

Here is the key though, when people interact with you live or with the recording, the conversions sky rocket.

The reason is because when people are interacting, they are focused, learning and consuming the content more than when people are not. So by using these strategies, you will be helping attendees to not only stay longer on your webinar, but also helping them to learn more through that engagement

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Live Not Live Strategies™ is a Twelve

Session Training Program


The First 30 Seconds of Your Webinar

This is your fast start introduction session.


The Successful Opening Script

Use this opening script to start your webinar off on the right foot to immediately get people interacting with your webinar, even when it's automated.


Spontaneous Premeditated Gambit

Use this gambit to keep the interaction flowing and the excitement of your webinar rolling.


The Profitable Automated Q and A Segment

Many people mess this up. After this session you will know how to answer questions correctly, even on your automated webinar.


Successfully Use Live Chat and Chat Replay.

Here is another terrific strategy for those of you wanting to use Live Chat or Chat Replay.


Automated Explicit Interaction Strategies

This strategy is so important that it's mandatory in every webinar I create. Don't miss this if you want maximum success for your webinar.


Back to the Future Questions

I see so many people use the Q&A wrong that I had to include this chapter. Now you will know the right way.


Ending Profitability on the Offbeat

People remember the begining and and the ending of experiences. You opened right and now you can close right.


Winning the Race to First Place

I was working on a clients failed webinar and competeley turned around the success with just this simple, powerful strategy. Don't miss this.


Ellery Queen: Congruence Affluence

After you learn this, you will never be able to unsee it but before... you are most likely making this costly mistake.


Success Stretching Recording Mindset

Recording the profitable automated webinar is best served with the proper recording mindset. Just like I always stretch before excercising I also "Success Stretch" before recording. This is a best webinar practice.


Getting Down to Business

Step-by-step application guide. How to immediately apply this training into your business to maximize profitablity.

The Live Not Live Strategies™ Cost

When I implement these strategies in my webinar consulting practice it typically doubles to quadruples the conversions. Sometimes it 5-10X things. These are powerful! I should be charging at least $1295.00 for this training. I’m not going to do so. I’m not even going to charge $795 or $595, nor even $395 or $295….

Right now, you can get this full training for just $97!

That is such a tiny amount I’m almost ashamed of myself for charging it.

The fact of the matter is I want you to succeed! I know with this, you will generate more sales and strategy sessions immediately! Thereby, locking you further to StealthSeminar. Yes, my reasons for the no-brainer price is not totally selfless. I want to make it a win, win for both of us. You get more sales. You stay longer with StealthSeminar.

This course is fluff free and designed to be implemented right away. It is a total of 13 modules and 70 minutes long.

Plus right now you also get...

Limited Time Bonuses

Right NOW, for a Limited Time, You will also get Bonuses worth more than this entire program…

Pithy Bonus #1: How to Keep Your Webinar Attendees Glued to Your Webinars

Increase your webinar stick rate. This session offers a quick and easy strategy to keep your webinar attendees glued to your webinar.

Bonus #2: PDF Transcriptions

Get full transcriptions of the complete Live Not Live Strategies™ so you can not only listen and attend the training but also read at your leisure.

Here is Everything You Get When You Purchase Today

The Live Not Live Strategies™

Apply these critical factors and turn your webinar attendees into buyers.

($197 Value)

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Bonus 1: How to Keep Your Attendees Glued to Your Webinars

Increase your webinar stick rate and keep your webinar attendees on your webinar as long as you want them.

($77 Value)

Bonus 2: 12 Session Transcriptions in PDF

Complete transcriptions of Live Not Live Strategies™. Study them at any time, anyplace.

($97 Value)

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$97 for everything

(or easy payment option)

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30 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

This purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your investment just send us an email within 30 days and you will get a prompt refund, no questions asked.

Simple, easy and risk free!

Questions? We have answers.

How long is this course?

The length of this course is 70 minutes.

Is this training dripped out one module per week?

No, you get full access to the entire training immediately. That way you can you get your webinar registration pages converting as high as possible, right away.

Am I getting charged one time or multiple times for Live Not Live Strategies™?

You are getting charged one time for Live Not Live Strategies™.

Do I have a guarantee?

Yes you have a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Put this to the test. Try it out. Watch your success rise. If you are not happy for any reason or no reason, just contact us and you will get a prompt no questions asked refund in full. If you don't love this training, we don't want your money.

Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

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