For presenters who understand webinar attendees are more likely to buy when they have an urgent NEED…

How to Create Webinar Attendees that Show Up To Your Webinars Predestined to Buy without Being Pushy or Manipulative!

…Most Webinar attendees don't buy, huh?

That sucks! Here's how to improve that...

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Most of your webinar attendees know they have a need (or they would not be on your webinar) but they are uncertain if it’s an urgent need.

My name is Geoff Ronning. I'm the Co-founder and CEO of StealthSeminar.

It’s hard for most people to confront their fears, needs and shortcomings. Most don't address things until it's urgent! In fact, even more not until after the fact (health changes after the heart attack not prior, addiction challenges after the divorce not prior, business difficulties after large losses, not prior to it).

Our job is to get your attendees to act in their own best interest prior to a catastrophe, not after.

The challenge is how can we help our webinar registrants understand how badly they need what you offer.

They may have had the need or issue for days, weeks, months or perhaps even years.

Getting someone to face that issue is not something we can do alone. And now we do not have too. I will tell you exactly how to solve this puzzle but first…

...How a Lost Child Taught me to Convert

Way More Webinar Attendees!

My family (wife, Wendy, son, Riddick) and I were traveling through the Phoenix airport. Riddick was four years old at the time. It was in November and the airport was wall-to-wall with Thanksgiving travelers. As we made our way towards our gate I stopped to adjust my bags. I let go of my son’s hand so I could switch my computer bag to my other shoulder.

I put my hand back out to take my son’s hand and my son was gone!


My breathing stopped.

Fear ripped through my mind.

Every muscle in my body tensed up.

My eyes shot open wide searching.

It seemed like hours

I turned around and my son was standing about two feet behind me.

It was instant relief. I caught my breath.

It all lasted about 4 seconds.

It’s weird how many thoughts can race through your mind in those types of situations.

Do you have a child? Has that ever happened to you?

I call it missing child urgency.

It immediately brings priorities into focus.

What does all this have to do with Webinars?

A lot.

You see, we know that attendees on our webinar need our service. Otherwise, they would not be there! We also know that we can help them. We create our webinars to give value to our attendees. To help our attendees solve there challenge. But sometimes that is not enough.

In fact, there is an even more powerful thing we can do. . .

Have Your Webinar Attendees Increase their Own Urgency. To See Your Offer as a Urgent Priority

they Must Take Action on Today!

Just like finding my son became my most urgent need in that second, we can make our webinar attendees realize what is urgent in their lives.

We don't achieve that by telling them that. We do so by guiding them through their own analysis. They decide themselves and that allows them to come to that conclusion BEFORE they arrive at your webinar.

You see when we try to help people to come to the conclusion it’s one thing, but when people come to their own conclusions – it’s an entirely different thing.

It’s their truth!

There is no resistance!

How do we do that? We do that through…

Profitable Workbook Templates™

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These templates allow you to create Workbooks or Action Guides (or whatever you prefer to name them). They are specially designed so your webinar registrants uncover their own needs. They force your registrants to confront their challenges. Then it's designed to amply your webinar registrants emotions. To shine the light on the situation so even if your webinar registrant wants to deny the severity of the situation, it's impossible to do so.

One of these templates is specially designed for consumer market and one is specially designed for business to business use.

The key aspect of both is they make your registrant face their issue. It than has them quantify their pain and the struggles of their current situation. In addition, they future pace your webinar registrants (makes them consider their future) in the following two different scenerios:

1) Issued Resolved: What their future looks like with this issue resolved.

2) Issue Unresolved: What their future looks like with this issue ongoing.

You have just been told exactly what is in these workbooks. You could go right now and create your own. And if you do, great. I cannot recommend them enough.

However, I have years of making these for webinar consulting clients and I know what works best.

If you hire me to consult with you to improve your webinar results, this is what I would make for you. And I will be happy to consult with you. But if you want to insure your success and take advantage of my experience at a fraction of my consulting fee, now you can get my templates and customize them yourself.

You will get the questions, the format and the length that have been tested over the years to create the most powerful Workbooks possible. With one goal in mind; to make your webinar registrants show up to your webinar understanding the urgency of their situation and predestined to take action on your offer!


In addition to Increasing Your Webinar Sales You Will Also Improve Your Webinar Registration Page Conversions!

Feature your Action Guide on you Webinar Registration Page. That will increase your Webinar Registration page conversions and put more people on your webinar. It's fast and easy double wammy to boost your webinar success!

The Profitable Workbook Templates™ Cost

These templates should cost far more than I'm asking. The thing is I want to help you succeed in the strongest manner possible because when you succeed, you keep using and that business succeeds and then your attendees succeed as well so we have a win-win-win.

Here is everything you get...

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License Rights: Business to Business Workbook Template*

20 pages. In Word, Txt & PDF Format. So your webinar registrant is forced to confront their needs and come to their own conclusion of how urgent their issue is prior to getting on your webinar.

($97 Value)

License Rights: Business to Consumer Workbook Template*

4 pages. In Word, Txt & PDF Format. So your webinar registrant is forced to confront their needs and come to their own conclusion of how urgent their issue is prior to getting on your webinar.

($97 Value)

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Profitable Workbook Templates™ Video Walk Through

Start generating more webinar registrations and higher sales right away.

* These are templates you are licensing the rights to use for your business, not to resale to others. I know this is also obvious, but you will need to customize to your target market. I would expect this to take less than 20 minutes.

($97 Value)

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Total Value: $291

Just $97 for everything at this time!

(or easy payment option)

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30 Day No-Questions-Asked Guarantee

This purchase is 100% Risk Free. If you are not absolutely 100% thrilled with your investment just send us an email within 30 days and you will get a prompt refund, no questions asked. We cannot be any more fair than that. Put these to the test and prove the value to yourself and your webinar attendees. Risk free.

Questions? We have answers.

How long will this take me to customize the template?

There are three video walkthroughs of the templates that are about 30 minutes long total. We suggest you watch those. Then we expect the customization to take you about 20 minutes. Most all the work is already done you just need to tweak it to your topic.

Is this program dripped out?

No, you get full access immediately.

Here's How To Get Instant Access Right Now

To get instant access fill out the form below. After your purchase is complete, you'll be given access to our Private Members Area where the entire course and all the bonuses will be instantly available. I'll see you inside!

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